Summer is over.

Summer is over.

And so much for my plans to blog more often! Anyway, a brief rundown:

I got the new job! It has more hours! It is closer! The people are lovely! I kept the old job on for a bit to give me extra cash!

It was harvest season! I picked a monumental amount of fruit, and turned it all into a barely-feasible amount of wine that scares me every time I look at it.

The car died! The laptop died! (Seriously, I was out the room for under ten minutes, and came back to a dead brick).

…My relationship died!

Yeah, bummer. I won’t put much about it because privacy of all concerned etc, but it turns out me and the G Monster wanted very different things, so after eight years together we have decided to try for an amicable split. I will miss him, he says he will miss me, etc. Unfortunately, (from my point of view) this means I will be looking for somewhere else to live. I might have found somewhere, though, just waiting to see what happens next. It’s all in the laps of the gods and/or solicitors. Unfortunately (from his point of view) he now has a massive garden needing maintenance. Well it’s never an even break, is it. From here on in I’ll be (touchwood!) working all the hours I can, probably for rather crappy wages, but they do add up, and if I can keep the heid, as they say in Scotland, and more specifically keep the heid down and the nose to the grindstone, I might come out okay.

That might have all been quite depressing, for anyone who cared, so I will say, a) here is some art I done recently!

and b) I am now old, and never was terribly attractive, so hopefully nobody is jumping up and down with delight at the thought that I am back on the market. c) because I am not, dear lord, no. There’s gonna be a whole lotta work before I am back on an even keel, and a whole lotta belt-tightening to go with it. I might dip a toe in the dating pool around, ooh, 2022, and even then that will be dependent on a lotta things!

So, as Hallowe’en draws near, the days (in the northern hemisphere) grow shorter and the leaves drip from the trees like slow, rosy-coloured tears, all the very best to everyone reading this, and may a brighter day dawn for all.

7 thoughts on “Summer is over.

  1. Nice work – particularly the standing stone piece with the “fiery” grass! Button up your heart for now, and just take life one day at a time. Easier said than done, I know, but…still. It’ll unfold the right way in time. 🙂

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