I am fortunate enough to have been featured in three whole anthologies in 2016, along with a whole bunch of wonderful people whose stories are awesome and you should read them all (and not just these ones!)

In order of being accepted – not the same as publishing order – they were:

Outliers of Speculative Fiction

I cannot even remember why I was invited to contribute to this, but obviously I jumped at the chance (well, after my good fortune in being accepted into Women In Practical Armour, and it still took a week of cowering a week behind the sofa, gibbering), and to my surprise, I was accepted!

Maybe it’s because they do ‘first come, first served’ if you match the criteria, but it was still an enormous ego boost, especially when I discovered that one of my ‘anthology buddies’ from Women In Practical Armour was in the same edition! Also, his story in this rocks!

Thirty Years of Rain

I was overwhelmed, as well as delighted, to be invited to submit to this anthology, because the group is one I actually have ties to. Very mild ties – I was a very brief attendee, back in the day when I was even worse at venturing any kind of criticism, let alone the constructive kind that the group excelled at. In fact, my panic at feeling I had nothing to offer lead to my fleeing the scene – I simply had no idea what advice to give to other authors, who all seemed far more knowledgeable than I was, and I felt like a sham. Can you imagine my surprise when a group whose members include internationally renowned authors (one of whom my partner is a massive fan of) asked if I had anything to contribute for their consideration? I was doubly surprised when they actually accepted the one story I had ever offered them!

Women In Practical Armour (or, Armor, in the original)

“You should put in a short story for this”, the G Monster said. “I bet you would be dead good at it.”

“Pfft,” I said, having never been in an anthology (or indeed, done much to put myself forward for anything at all). “I cannot see that happening, ever.”


It was my first one, and flush with success I managed to put myself forward for three more before my momentum ran out and life got in the way. C’est la vie (or possibly, a lack of gumption).