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A case study of ideas getting a bit out of control

A case study of ideas getting a bit out of control

I’ve recently bought a shed for my new pad, and just as I was giving up on the damn thing, it actually arrived. I was well chuffed to start building it, but my mate who’s been helping building the kitchen was very excited about it too, so I promised I would keep it until it’s safe for her to come round and help.

In the meantime, unfortunately, this gave me time to have all sorts of overly grandiose ideas about painting murals on the shed.

Outdoor paint is expensive as hell and doesn’t come in so many colours, I said to myself. Let’s pick some we already have (or at least have some vague hope of getting) and design something only using those. Plus, that way it can be kept simple and be less of a chuffing nightmare to try and get right on a larger scale!

Well, so far so good, and the neighbours won’t even have to look at it.

Then it seemed a waste to have the outline just sitting around, so I thought I’d have a stab at it with the crayons oil pastels hell, they’re glorified crayons.

Then, due to social distancing and everything being done over Zoom, I started going off at a tangent:

I’m sure these will totally come in useful for something one day.

But that was quite enough of that. Back to the original idea, of a nice, simple, three-coloured mural for the other side of the…