Tis the season…

How did that happen already? I swear, you take on two jobs and suddenly the year is just gone. In theory, I would at least have a shed-load of money to show for it, but unfortunately I blew all that on a massive gardening project that ate my entire autumn.

And now it’s two weeks till the winter solstice. Go figure.

I have, however, cunningly managed to find time to put together a batch of Christmas cards for this year. If I’d been even more cunning, I would have marketed them slightly sooner, but here we go in case anyone is even more behind the times than I am:

Christmas owls! (Click link if you wish to buy from Redbubble).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Also a pagan/ LGBT mashup featuring the Power of Love Mistletoe that… well, as the punchline of that old joke goes, ‘sometimes, señor, the bull wins’. So they aren’t available for sale.

Phew, just got that in before the end of the year, eh. Merry Hectic Shopping Season to all!

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