I see summer’s been and gone

Autumn’s pretty much over too! The best laid plans of mice and men, etc. I got a new job, a lot closer to home, and full of lovely people. Stressful as hell, and an awful lot to learn in a short time, but that’s what keeps you young, eh? (She says, looking at the tremendous amount of grey hairs busting out all over).

(I have made a name for myself there, despite it only being a contract job, what with standing up at the end of the first meeting I ever chaired, catching my foot on the table leg and going down like a felled tree, taking the hat-stand with me, and only the other week I got the norovirus that’s doing the rounds, had to bolt out of the meeting I was in the middle of minuting to be sick in the bogs and got sent home in disgrace. Go me!)

Then it was fruit-harvesting season, and a poor crop it was too thanks to the really cold weather, but I have a few dozen gallons of wine on the go which will hopefully be delicious next year. Hard on the heels of that, bad family news on both my side and the G Monster’s, which all hit at the same time. Life, eh.

So it was nice to get away to the Lake District for a well-deserved week off! Shame it rained quite a lot, also I came down with the most horrendous cold (because of course I did) so there was not as much hill-walking as there could have been. There were a huge number of steam trains to have a go on, though, and we had a pint on the steam cruiser on Lake Windermere (the bar is in the – bilges? gunnels? the bottom of the boat, anyway, so it was quite weird, sitting in a nice comfy saloon and watching the top of the water go by at neck height). And we saw some waterfalls and strange creatures and I got to hold a python. Sadly I am far rounder than before, due to staying in the White Hart Inn, which is full of delicious food and a wide variety of beer…

So here is a selection of fairly horrendous photos, almost all taken with the wrong settings.

lakes - wet creatures 1
everything in the Lakes was soaking, even this guy
lakes - view from windermere
and the weather was really ‘moody’, as seen in this view from the bar
lakes - waterfall 1
but it meant all the waterfalls were really huge
lakes - waterfall 2 - thingy force
we didn’t even think much of this one, last year
lakes - ghyll force
this is ghyll force (fun fact, force is probably from ‘foss’ which they are called in Iceland
lakes - ravenglass
we did get one nice day, though, in Ravenglass
lakes - steam train 2
which also has a steam train
lakes - steam train 3
it was bitterly cold, though
lakes - steam trains in bed
even the trains were all wrapped up
lakes - halloween 1
but it was Halloween so everyone had pulled the stops out
lakes - halloween 2
which impressed some more than others
lakes - rock tree
we also found a strange place where the trees grow only out of rocks
lakes - steam train 1
and a zoo with a steam train
lakes - halloween steam 1
and a place which did Halloween AND had FOUR steam trains!
lakes - halloween steam 2
if i had loads of money, I would do exactly what these guys did with theirs
lakes - skull
and here is a skull, because that appears to be a Thing with me now 🙂

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