The neighbours gave me a “spare skull”

So I was round for coffee at next door’s bit the other day, and they suddenly said, Do you want a spare skull for keeping things in? If not, it’s going in the garage.

Well of course, I said, mainly because I thought I had misheard the first bit, and anyway, who doesn’t need things for keeping things in?

I hadn’t misheard.


I think I’ll call him Monte. I thought of keeping my sharpeners in him because they keep disappearing, but alas, I am too late.

2 thoughts on “The neighbours gave me a “spare skull”

  1. Gosh I wish someone would give ME a skull! It looks really cute sitting there on the shelf. And what better storage system – and conversation starter! In fact, I could think of a few (sadly still in use) that will come in handy one day! haha (Kidding, of course – I’m not a….a….what do your neighbours do, anyway?)


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